Surface Water

We provide clients with various water conservation designs that take the environment into careful consideration. We can help design any size pond, shoreline protection, or fish hatchery, as well as small dams.


Dam located in Trempealeau County. The project included partial wall removal and replacement, floor overlay, and grouted riprap outlet construction. A portion of the sidewall was leaking water resulting from a crack. A portion of the wall was removed and replaced along with construction of a wing wall. The outlet section of the dam was stabilization by placing grouted riprap. To address the deterioration of the floor a concrete overlay was poured over the existing floor.


Dam located in Jackson County, Wisconsin. The project entailed a complete excavation of the surrounding area enlarging an existing pond to what is shown in the below pictures. The dam was repaired to address erosion of the downstream slope, corrosion of riser, and trees growing in the emergency spillway. Environmental considerations included attracting habitat and improving the growth and quality of aquatic life.

Shoreline Protection

We have done several shoreline protection projects on the Chippewa River. One involved bank stabilization of 1800 feet of shoreline to protect residence property in Dunn County, Wisconsin. Obtained permits from U.S. Army Corps, DNR, and Dunn County. The picture to the left involved 470 foot rip rap project on the Chippewa River done to stabilize the bank in Dunn County, WI.