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We specialize in providing agricultural designs for dairy expansion planning, manure storage and transfer systems, feed pad/bunkers, leachate collection systems, and anaerobic digester design and site integration. Along with providing site designs, we assist landowners in developing their sites and obtaining necessary permits.



Along with providing site designs, we assist landowners in developing their sites and obtaining necessary permits. We have designed driveways and roads for residential developments. We have sited and created reclamation plans for non-metallic mines. Our staff have experience in construction quality assurance, including geomembrane.


Solid Waste

Our staff can assist with most aspects of solid waste and resource recovery. We have experience with MSW, C&D, and industrial landfills, solid waste incinerators, transfer stations, public drop-off's, landfill gas collection and control, organic stability, operations, and owner financial responsibility

Surface Water

We provide clients with various water conservation designs that take the environment into careful consideration. We can help design any size pond, shoreline protection, or fish hatchery, as well as small dams.



Our municipal clients include towns, villages, small cities, and county governments. We function as an engineering extension of the community's staff. Our municipal services 'city' infrastructure, such as water production, treatment, storage, and distribution, waste water and storm water collection, pumping stations, inflow and infiltration (I/I) studies. We also provide roadway design services for non-DOT projects, including small bridge replacements using culverts. We perform the design work, assist with obtaining permits and approvals, and offer construction services for projects, such as administration, staking, observation, and documentation of projects. We have also assisted with grants and other alternative project funding sources.



We specialize in designing and permitting containment systems for industrial storage and bulk material handling facilities. Containment systems have been designed using soils, geosynthetics, and concrete. We also have design material mixing and loading facilities. Services for industrial clients have also included site design, storm water control, and planning services.